Our Structure

The Staff Team

The Real Food Store is run on a daily basis by a dedicated and professional staff team. In 2017 we moved to a non-hierarchical management structure where all members of staff are equally responsible for the running of the business, applying individual strengths as well as learning new skills.

The Members

The 300 Real Food Store members (investors) form a vital community of supporters and customers. They also have a say in the Real Food business & can use their ‘one member one vote’ at Annual General Meetings. The Real Food Store appreciates the input, support and custom of its member investors as supporters and customers.

The Board of Directors

The Real Food Store is driven by the Board of Directors of Exeter Local Food Ltd who volunteer their time and expertise to oversee the strategic direction of the business. The Real Food Store is the trading name of Exeter Local Food Ltd. The Board meets regularly and the Directors work collaboratively with the Co-managers of the store.