ESSENCE of Exeter Event – Resilience and Recovery

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On Wednesday July 1, the Real Food Store took part in an ESSENCE of Exeter interactive business conversation entitled What’s in the DNA of a resilient company?

As we face an uncertain future of Brexit, climate breakdown and sweeping social changes, the event provided an opportunity for socially-minded businesses in Exeter to share their insight into the building blocks of resilience and how to survive – and thrive – in an uncertain world.

Our board member Les Bright joined the panel alongside JoJo Spinks from Interwoven Productions CIC and Daphne van Run & Paul White from ESSENCE of Exeter CIC.

Les said:

“Values are right at the heart of this. If people believe in why a business exists, and identify with it, they won’t let it go under – no matter what the challenges may be.

“Although our store was closed for 11 weeks of ‘lockdown’ there’s no doubt that we have come back stronger, buoyed up by the many positive comments from members and customers who missed us – the produce and the friendly helpful staff – while we were gone.”

A recording of the event will be shared online – follow us on social media @realfoodexeter to get it straight in your feed as soon as it’s available.

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